Adopting Sustainable Procurement in the Tourism Sector | Case Studies of Cooperating with Stakeholders

For the last two weeks in our Sustainable Procurement Awareness Series, we’ll be showing some examples of businesses, both local and international, who have successfully adopted sustainable procurement in their operations. 

This week, we highlight two businesses in Palawan who have successfully maximized impact by working together with relevant stakeholders in the tourism value chain: Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, and El Nido Resorts Ten Knots Development Group. 

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort was able to save on costs in the long term because of procuring energy-efficient equipment. The challenge was reducing environmental impacts of the resort operations by choosing energy-efficient solutions, decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels without compromising guest comfort and satisfaction. 

Using the 3R Strategy – Reduce, Replace and Redesign – the resort was able to save on significant savings, such as monthly energy cost savings of PhP 1,166 (per tubular light) and annual energy savings of Php 204,078 by installing louver roof ventilation and water sprinklers.

The challenge of El Nido Resorts of Ten Knots Development Corporation was to address an increasing food demand due to the increase of tourists arrivals and local population, while creating opportunities for the local communities to generate income and engage throughout the food value chain. 

By guaranteeing that at least one ton of vegetables per week is supplied by local farmers, who underwent training sponsored by El Nido Resorts and even in cooperation with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), El Nido Resorts were able to reduce 20% of overall food costs in 2016, as well as transportation costs and therefore GHG emissions as well. They were also able to create local businesses by engaging the local communities. 

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