About Philippine Green Pages

The Philippine Green Pages (PGP) is the first and only eco-resource publication for finding the best green business, products and services offered in the market. It would be the most comprehensive listing of producers, distributors and suppliers, which are selected for their green attributes and in practicing sustainable business practices.

Established in 2008, Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc. (PCEPSDI) is the administrator of the National Ecolabeling Programme-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) whose main mission is to guide the Filipino society in choosing which local products and services that poses the minimum risks to environmental health and welfare.

The website was formally launched in 2022, it serves as an online directory for viable environment-friendly products. You can visit the website at www.philippinegreenpages.org.ph


The objective of the Philippine Green Pages is to provide a product-identified directory of environment-friendly products and services which can serve as a consumer guide to institutional purchasers and individuals.

Specific Goals:

To develop an effective tool to link producers of eco-friendly products and services to its target consumers

To promote consumer vigilance among concerned individuals, mobilizing them to patronize and procure ecolabeled products and services

To encourage stakeholders to produce environmental-friendly products and services, making use of the directory as a marketing tool.

Ms. Maureen Grace Lebria
Programme Director