The Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc. (PCEPSDI) is a non-stock non-profit and non-government organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PCEPSDI is the Administrator of the National Ecolabelling Programme – Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) that is based on ISO 14024 – Guiding Principles and Procedures. NELP-GCP is a voluntary, multiple criteria-based, and third party programme that aims to encourage clean manufacturing practices and consumption of environmentally preferable products and services. This government project is seen as an important marketing instrument to complement laws and regulations for environmentally preferable products and a guide to consumers’ purchasing preferences. The project is under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


A sustainable society characterized by ecologically aware people, healthy environment, and progressive economy.


We are a non-government organization that promotes the preservation and conservation of the environment through initiatives and programmes on environmental education, advocacy and research, ecological governance and development works encouraging public participation towards a sustainable society.

Our Expertise:

• Environmental Labelling & Declaration • Green Procurement & Greening the Supply Chain • Sustainable Consumption & Production Tools • Life Cycle Assessment • Green Business • Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation • GHG Accounting • Sustainability Reporting • Environmental System Management

What we do:

• Development of Ecolabelling criteria for green products
• Certification of eco-friendly products
• Organize green exhibits
• Conduct of green business seminars
• Life Cycle Assessment Trainings
• Green Procurement and Capacity Building
• Technical Working Groups Membership
• Technical assistance on Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Subsidiary Companies:

• SCP Green Technology Corporation – https://pcepsdi.wixsite.com/scpgreentechnology
• WilJu Groundskeeping and Janitorial Supplies Corp – https://pcepsdi.wixsite.com/wiljugjsc

Board of Trustees

  • J.R. Nereus Acosta, Ph.D Chairperson
  • June M. Alvarez Trustee
  • Bernardito C. Ang Trustee
  • Alvin B. Culaba, Ph.D. Trustee

Purpose of PCEPSDI

1. To formulate, initiate, undertake, promote, sponsor, assist, support and/or finance projects, programs and activities to cleanse, improve, rehabilitate and develop the environment, and to maintain the environment in a clean, healthy, and sustainable state;

2. To promote the recognition of environmental management and support the integration of environmental policies, programs and practices nationwide;

3. To work with the government and other interested groups in developing policies, laws and regulations relating to the cleansing, improvement, rehabilitation, and development of the environment and the maintenance of a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment, and to provide assistance in their effective enforcement;

4. To conduct and/or support researches and developmental activities on the environmental impact of industry and technology on the environment;

5. To help improve environmental awareness and concern for the environment;

6. To promote the sustainable production and consumption as an approach in achieving a clean, green and healthy environment.

7. To provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the environment;

8. To support and promote the development and transfer of technology of management methods which are environmentally sound;

9. To monitor the progress of the cleansing, improvement, rehabilitation and development of the environment and the maintenance of a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment and assess the adequacy and effectiveness thereof; and

10. To engage in, carry on, and conduct scientific and developmental research, experiments, investigations, analysis and studies to conserve, preserve and otherwise sustain the natural resources, the aquatic resources, the flower and the fauna, the wildlife in and the environment of the Philippines, and to employ any and all other means and processes known, and which may become known, for accomplishing the conservation and sustenance of the natural resources, the flower and the fauna, the wildlife in and the environment of the Philippines; and to offer to others in the Philippines and around the world the results of such research, experiments and studies.

Connect With Us

4B, Development Academy of the Philippines Building , San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines