Green Public Procurement for Quezon City

Project Executive Summary

In promoting sustainability and spending on green products and patronizing green suppliers, the project Establishment and Implementation of GPP in Quezon City for the Promotion of SCP in the Philippines in an LGU setting boosts the market through competitiveness and innovation. It aims to present a best practice model for other LGUs to adopt through GPP local setting model with specific approaches on GPP policy development, implementation schemes and information dissemination. Quezon City, an eco-governance administration and the largest city in Metro Manila, is determined to reduce environmental impact. Through the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive Green Public (GPP) Program for Quezon City Local Government to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the country. The project is focused on providing technical assistance in the implementation of its GPP Program, and develop this model for other local governments to follow.

Project Objectives:

  1. Establish guidelines and procedures that will prescribe the implementation of GPP in Quezon City, facilitating its compliance to the national policy on GPP – Executive Order No. 301 and its local City policy – Executive Order N0. 19;
  2. Capacitate Quezon City procurement officers and its instrumentalities on GPP management, tools, mechanisms, requirements and practices;
  3. Develop the GPP technical specifications for identified products and services and the qualification requirements for accreditation of “green” suppliers;
  4. Conduct information-education-communication (IEC) campaign on GPP within the Quezon City Government, its vendor stakeholders, and other instrumentalities.

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Project Coordinators:

  • Ms. Maureen Grace LebriaProgramme Director
  • Jouelle Hannah NervezaProject Officer
  • Joshua LadiaProject Officer