001 On-the-Job Trainee

The OJT Programme helps students gain hands-on knowledge in the workplace. This program allows academic institutions to help their students develop their expertise and help them to acclimate to jobs faster. This type of training involves employees using the resources available to them at their workplace, and it allows them to learn while in a work environment.

002 Internship

The Internship Programme is a short-term work arrangement that allows part-time students or new graduates of any level to be trained in various fields in a work environment to gain experience.

We are accepting students of marketing, IT, forestry, web development, multimedia, journalism, software engineer, and computer communication engineering among others for both OJT and internship programmes

007 Programme Research Assistant

The Programme Research Assistant shall be a support function in the implementation of the GCP and GPAM/GPP programs and projects. She/he will perform documentation and research activities of the projects, coordinative functions among the organization internally and externally, communicate and work with project partners and other stakeholders, and provide assistance in the management and delivery of project’s outputs and outcomes.