Watsons PH and PCEPSDI Sustainability Efforts

Watsons PH exploring on how The Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (PCEPSDI) through the National Ecolabelling Programme – Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP), and it’s other projects and programmes collaborate for a clean, better, and sustainable future

Watsons PH is currently engaged with their own sustainability efforts and exploring the science behind it. The project aims to promote the use of sustainable packaging by developing and piloting the NELP-GCP criteria for sustainable packaging, developing the private sector roadmap on sustainable packaging towards marine waste reduction that can be initiated by SM Supermalls, and conducting educational and policy campaigns to raise awareness of relevant stakeholders such as retail store employees, policy makers, and general consumers.

The meeting is attended by PCEPSDI team are Executive Director, For. June M. Alvarez, Ms. Erica Nicole Gomez, and, Engr. Augusto Luis Labos, and for WTCPH are the Public Relations and Sustainability Director, Ms. Viki Encarnacion, and CSR Ambassador, Ms. Belle Pesayco.