Nviro Eco-Safe Permaseal Paint

NVIRO ECO- SAFE PERMASEAL PAINT produces a strong film- type elastic coating that prevents it from cracking, blistering or peeling when applied on various surfaces. Its waterproofing capability will allow dampness from within a surface to evaporate but it will not absorb water from the outside. It is specially formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also environment- friendly because it has been lab-tested to be lead and mercury – free, and has low-VOC and low-odor formulations.

Company Name: Nviro

In an effort global concerns on the environment, AMON Marketing’s thrust to “go-green” created the “NVIRO” brands that can help preserve our environment. These current green products are: NVIRO Eco-safe Permaseal Paint, Seam Coat Plus, Joint Sealer, Concrete and Wood Primer, Wall Putty and Advantex Plaster Finish – an environment friendly paint and wall preparation system that gives ultimate protection for different coating needs, NVIRO Bio-organic Wood Glue – a Bio-Organic Packaging Glue – the safest packaging glue you can use, non-toxic, odorless and solvent free. Each of these “NVIRO” products have passed laboratory testings done by globally recognized test facilities. These lab tests are in line with recent US and Global standards that require products to be free of harmful chemicals such as lad and mercury.

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