TVC emphasizes reporting, implementation of climate action to tourism stakeholders

TVC emphasizes reporting, implementation of climate action to tourism stakeholders

23 December 2022

To further rally proactive climate action among tourism stakeholders, the Transforming Tourism Value Chains (TVC) program conducted a webinar on Transforming Tourism Workshop: Reporting and Implementing Climate Action in Tourism on November 2, 2022, via Zoom Meetings.

Ms. Andrea Go, Project Officer, PCEPSDI, started off the program by talking about the two steps in climate action, which are STEP ONE: PLAN. Defining Goals and Targets for Climate Action Plans that will develop a sustainability roadmap to define goals and targets, and formalize them into action plans.

Ms. Go also highlighted STEP TWO: DO. Implementing Sustainability Practices, wherein she emphasized the implementation of the best practices and call for action to the tourism stakeholders.

On the other hand, Mr. Dave Albao, Executive Director of Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCFI), Danjugan Island and Wala Usik discussed Managing Water Resources, Waste Generation and Problematic Plastics.

Ms. Brenda Butardo, Programme Officer of the Green Choice Philippines, strengthened Staff Knowledge on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Furthermore, Ms. Butardo also discussed the Environmental Management Systems, which is a framework that helps an organization achieve its environmental goals through consistent review evaluation, and improvement of its environmental performance.

Green Space Pilipinas Founder and Chief Soilmate Ms. Catherina Papio talked about Repurposing Food Waste in the Tourism Sector during the said webinar while Bacolod City Mayor’s Office Environmental Consultant Engr. Edmond “Macky” Maceda stated the STEP THREE: CHECK and ACT. Sustainability Reporting in the Tourism Sector.

The virtual workshop aims for hotels and MICE to identify their climate action priorities and targets in alignment with the Glasgow Declaration: Climate Action in Tourism, and based on the Resource Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Tool and company objectives.

In addition, TVC wants the participants to learn about relevant strategies and solutions that can support businesses in implementing their action plans to help them mitigate their high resource use or hotspots and be introduced to monitoring and reporting approaches by being given an overview of sustainability reporting (SR) in the Philippines, its basic components, and the benefits of SR for tourism businesses.

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