PCEPSDI to hold Training on Ecolabeling and LCA
May 8, 2010

Because of the increasing cross-utilization of materials caused by industrialization, many resources being used could effect to environmental eradication. Although companies nowadays express their concerns on the environmental impacts of their products or services, their process of assessment is insufficient. The environmental factors that need to be considered range from raw-material acquisition to disposal, that is, a product or a service's life cycle assessment (LCA).

With this issues at hand, PCEPSDI will hold its first series "Training on Ecolabeling and Life Cycle Assessment" on June 3-4, 2010J to be held at the Richville Hotel, EDSA Crosssing, Mandaluyong City. Open to all Production Managers, Quality Assurance, Pollution Control, Environment and CSR officers as well as product research and development teams, this two-day training workshop will orient members of the business sector on ecolabelling and LCA as significant tools to improve their company's environmental management and performance.

In partnership with the De La Salle University Manila , presenters include JDr. Raymond TanJ, a University Fellow and Full Professor at DLSU's Chemical Engineering Department, JProf. J.B. Manuel BionaJ, an Associate Professorial Lecturer at the Mechanical Engineering Department and JMs. Kathleen AvisoJ, a Graduate Fellow of the DLSU's Center for Engineering and Sustainable Development Research. (DLSU-CESDR)

This training is limited to 30 participants only. For more details, contact PCEPSDI at 631-2151.

JM Embate

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