A highly visible, credible and accessible institution promoting green purchasing and ecolabelling in the country.

An alliance of individuals, groups, private, non-government and government institutions engaged in green purchasing; promoting, networking and harmonizing with other institutions on sustainable production and consumption.

Adopted by the Green Purchasing Alliance Movement Core Membership
Manila, Philippines on November 13, 2009

We, the core members of the Green Purchasing Alliance Movement, by approving the Plan of Action, endorse the vision of our organization as:

- a growing Network of industries and institutions dedicated to sustainable development with global environmental concerns, which is to be a member of, work for and partner with;

- a high-profile, flexible Movement of industries and institutions working together in various networks for environment-friendly performance, supported by campaigns and programs and strategic alliances;

- an effective sustainability and environmental Institution demonstrating a leading creativity and excellence both in developing ecological solutions to environment-related issues, and in demand for eco-designs and implementation.

We commit to building sustainable programs on demand and supply for environment-friendly products and services while protecting our common interests. In particular:

- We commit to address: the consumption and production practices towards environmental preferred goods and services, and mainstreaming sustainable procurement.

- We commit to care for the common good by engaging in the global advocacy for Climate Protection Campaign and Green Procurement and to encourage more people for better environmental conservation, governance and management.

We commit to apply participatory sustainable management instruments in order to ensure unwavering implementation of green procurement practices and laws. In Particular:

- We commit to promote participatory development plans of government and private sector initiatives in green purchasing in particular and environmental protection and conservation in general, and accelerate its implementation and action.

- We commit to consider institutional management instruments in the effective green purchasing management for environmental, social and economic performance.

- We commit to making sustainable green procurement a practical reality by driving forward the global and local initiatives in the green purchasing agenda.

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