GEN holds AGM 2011 in Taiwan
November 2011

Some 50 country representatives from Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas, including the Philippines, attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the member countries of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) which commenced at the International Conference on Ecolabelling last October 25 to 29, 2011 held at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan).

The conference had two sessions 1) Marketing Green Products and 2) Global Trends and Opportunities for Green Products The first session presented initiatives for Green Public Procurement establishment in the ASEAN region, Marketing Techniques on a Limited Budget and Success Stories on Ecolabelling Programs of Korea, China, Nordic Swan and Canada. The second session presented information on UNEP’s Roadmap on Ecolabelling, Initiatives to Buy Green (EU Resource Efficiency, Walmart, among others) and differentiating green labels and claims.

A lengthy open forum highlighted the Conference which presented various issues and barriers in managing ecolabelling programs.

On the next day, the GEN delegates were brought to the Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TiGiS), held simultaneously with the Taiwan Smart Green City Expo, for the formal Opening Ceremonies held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall.

Then, they were transported to Yilan Province located south of Taipei, one of Taiwan’s emerging tourist destinations. In here, the two-day Annual General Meeting and Internal Workshop discussed issues on the development of common core criteria, the GEN internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENiCES), establishment of reliable Information Systems and finding alternative methods on reporting GEN developments.

This year’s GEN AGM is hosted by the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF), the Administrator of Taiwan’s Green Mark Ecolabelling Program.

The next GEN AGM will be held in Rio De Jeinero, Brazil from November 5 -9, 2012, hosted by the Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas (ABNT), the administrator of Brazil’s Qualidade Ambiental Ecolabelling Program.